Nice to meet you!


My name is Anna Burdin, I am an Interior Stylist. My passion is l’art de la table. It’s French for table setting, which includes decor, tableware, textile, floral art and etiquette.

L’art de la table represents everything I love: exquisite decor, beautiful tableware, history, food, time with my family and friends.

I lived around the world: in France I enjoyed the French savoir vivre, in England I became familiar with English traditions, in Portugal fell in love with Mediterranean colours, in Asia discovered new cultures and civilizations. This cultural diversity is the basis of my work. Though my home is France, at the present moment I live in Singapore.

I graduated from the Moscow State University of International Relations, have PhD in history. Studied at the Ecole du Louvre, Butler Academy in Paris and at the Design School in St Petersburg, Art Clever school. And am a student of some of the top French butlers.

My specialisation is a French table setting and ancient tableware which I adore thanks to my French family which was into antics business.

I dream about making simple things around us beautiful.