How to take care of your expensive porcelain?

How to keep your expensive porcelain for a long time? A good quality porcelain can serve you for 20-30 years and even more. Do you know that in old good times the manufacturers used to give a 15-20 years guarantee for their tableware? 

If it’s possible, try to keep the plates in the original boxes. Otherwise be sure that the porcelain is kept in a dry place. You can put a piece of fabric or any other protection between the plates. Wash your plates, flatware and glassware with warm soapy water. Use soft fabric to dry them, pay special attention to the golden or silver details if there is any. Though it’s not easy nowadays, try to wash your porcelain by hand. The more frequently you use the washing machine, the quicker your plates will lose their beautiful colours. Even the best quality flatware can lose its shine if you use a washing machine on a regular basis. If you follow these simple steps, your grandchildren will still enjoy your porcelain set.