How to take care of your tableware linens

I still use my grandma’s tablecloths. They look original and give a vintage look to my settings. If you take good care of your table linens, you can pass them on to your children or even grandchildren, along with all the memories of family gatherings. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your table linens and keep them for a next generation: 

  • wash table linens separately from other linens and clothes. Prefer a short delicate cycle for a washing machine. Avoid vigorous drying cycles. 
  • dry your linens naturally and, where possible, dry them flat. It will help to keep the shape, which is important especially for a linen tablecloth and napkins – they lose their shape very quickly. The sun will help bleach out stains (but don’t expect the magic!). 
  • get to a stain quickly, even if you put off the washing up until the next day, don’t neglect the stain. You can either choose a spot treatment that contains enzymes and gently dab onto the stain or put it in soapy water until your washing. If you need to use a stain remover, make sure it is not going to bleach the fabric by testing it on the inside seam or in a corner of your linen.
  • Don’t rub the stain, it won’t help and just work it more into the fabric. 
  • Try not to iron the linens before you actually use them. If it is a heavy 100% cotton, you can iron it on a relatively high heat. If it is a delicate fabric or has hand painting, iron on a very low setting. Before doing that, always test the iron on an inside seam or on a corner of your tablecloth.
  • The best is to keep your tablecloth flat or roll. Like your grandma, add a lavender bag to keep the freshness and great smell. Avoid any chemical products for freshness.