Overview of Maison et Objet September 2021

This week the Maison et Objet fair finally opened its doors after two years of digital format. Usually it takes place twice per year – in September and January. Twice a year the entire lifestyle sector – brands, artisans, designers, interior designers and decorators come here to discover the latest trends, seal new deals and simply get inspired. Designer furniture, art, textiles, accessories, tableware stretch as far as you can see. This year the fair was smaller – 6 halls instead of the usual 8, but still there were a lot of people. I think everyone missed real offline events. Overall the event had 3000 exhibitors: famous and well established brands as well as start ups. Maison et Objet showcases a huge range of products and solutions in the full lifestyle and home spectrum. Its like Paris Fashion Week for home. Did you know that every year a designer of the year is chosen during the event?

Maison et Objet is the best place to immerse in a vibrant melting pot of the latest trends and new finds.

What are the latest trends in tableware? To be honest, I think they have not changed a lot lately.

  • a lot of handmade brands. Handmade is becoming a symbol of high quality (and price!). Handmade glassware, hand painted plates and handmade candles. You can find all of the range of handmade products.
  • organic and sustainable. This trend has been with us for a while and is here to stay. You have a lot of wooden, ratan products as well as organic textiles and candles.
  • rustic style. A lot of brands, especially Scandinavian ones, stick to the rustic style. You can find all kinds of wooden or ceramic plates. A new fashion – wooden painted plates. Looks great and unusual!
  • ceramics and faïence, kind of related to the rustic style trend. Ceramics look cosier, it’s more “human” than porcelain and more affordable. It also goes perfectly with the minimalist and Scandinavian style which are very popular now.  
  • classic. The classic brands try to reinvent themselves. They position themselves like classic with a new touch or “revisited” classic. Even Limoges has launched a new brand to attract a young audience – Non sans raison.
  • colour trends: orange is a new “black”, but you can also play with all kinds of earthy colours. Black and white is widely used, but should be very graphic and minimalist.
  • ethnic, especially Asian and Japanese in particular. This trend is also here to stay, once again because it matches well with the minimalist and Scandinavian styles. Moreover people can’t travel now, so it brings them back to the times when we could jump on a plane and discover a new place.